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At Fowler Media, we offer Solution Driven Results that accomplish the financial goals of our Clients through the Brokerage of Radio Stations across the United States.

We listen to the Seller to find out their goals and what they are trying to accomplish, put together a comprehensive plan to market the station to Qualified Buyers across the Country and then we go to work do not stop until the station is sold.

In an era where status quo is no longer acceptable, we have an out of the box approach that has a proven track record of success and we do all of this without compromising your Radio Station, Employees and with information integrity so you can rest knowingthe particulars of your Business are not in the hands of your Competitors across town.

If a Radio Station is priced properly and the Seller is educated about the process, we can sell most Radio Stations in 60-120 days and our transactions typically net the Seller an additional 25-35 compared to more traditional brokers.

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The average present wait time for the Initial Grant of Assignment Applications from the Federal Communications Commission is 52 Business Days.    This is based on recent transactions and present document flow and is everchanging.

While many of the conditions surrounding the closing of a Radio Station or Stations is beyond the control of the Seller and Buyer,  Fowler Media works hard and tenaciously to get your deal closed expediently and efficiently.

With proper documentation,  fast acting FCC Counsel,  checks and balances, cooperation from the Seller and Buyer and a commitment to answering all communication quickly,  Fowler Media will stand beside and behind you to get your deal closed quickly.


Bryan’s knowledge and experience make him a genuine pleasure to work with.

-Jerry Broadway, Broadway and Friends
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We have had the honor to work with Bryan Fowler for nearly a decade, helping him with many projects! It has been a joy to be able to watch him expand his mission and calling. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, and is an expert in radio! He is one of the few that knows radio inside and out. Its been amazing to watch him help so many people! Excited to see the journey ahead, and all that God is going to do! 

- Cody Stinson, Media Lifeline 
Easley, South Carolina

I have had the pleasure of working with Bryan for several years, and I can confidently attest to his expertise as a radio station consultant. Bryan is not only a seasoned professional I know from the industry, but also a friend. His extensive knowledge of the radio landscape, coupled with his strategic insight, makes him an invaluable choice for any station aiming to achieve its goals. Whether it's fine-tuning programming, optimizing audience engagement, or navigating the ever-evolving media landscape, Bryan is your man.

-Omar Fajardo, The Mix Group
Miami, Florida

There are two things you look for when working with a person: follow up and follow through.

Thankfully, Bryan possesses both characteristics…in spades.

Bryan will follow up with you and do what needs to be done to complete the job, thoroughly.

I trust Bryan and you should, too!

-Gene Stern, Syndication Networks
Chicago, Illinois

His attention to detail and timely communication make it a breeze to work with Bryan.

-Gary James, Radio Resources
Cleveland, Ohio

Bryan adds such warmth to his professionalism that doing business becomes so much better than just business as usual.

-Jennifer Yost,  Christian Faith Broadcasting, Inc. 
Castalia, Ohio

Jack Mortenson always told me that when I needed something done that no one else could get accomplished,  call Bryan Fowler.  

-Jo Burton,  Mortenson Broadcasting Company
Midway, Kentucky

The saying goes, "I got a guy".  Bryan is THAT guy.

-Gary Thompson,
Los Angeles, California

We've had the pleasure of working with Bryan to purchase additional radio stations in our area. Bryan has been very attentive in getting us the answers we have needed as the sale has progressed. Bryan's knowledge of radio and the complexities of a sale have been very helpful to keep the process moving smoothly. He deals with both the seller and buyer with honesty and transparency.

-Mark Bohach-WLOH/WLGN
Lancaster, Ohio

I have had the pleasure of working with Bryan over many years.  As a programmer, his content production and delivery is among the best in the business.  As a businessman, Bryan is diligent, honest and a man of his word.  A world-class radio man...

-Jim Jones,  Red Apple Audio Networks
New York, New York

I have worked with Bryan Fowler on his radio stations for several years now with United Stations Radio Networks.  Bryan is very loyal, very pleasant to work with and is very knowledgeable on what product and services he is looking for with United Stations.

-Ralph Riley, United Stations Radio Networks
McKinney, Texas

We’ve worked with Bryan on numerous projects in recent years. He knows how to pick the right sound for each programme format, and is a pleasure to communicate with.
-Linden Wade, Jingle Works
Manchester, UK

I’ve always enjoyed working for Bryan over the years. As the owner of Tower Maintenance, he’s always called me for taking on intriguing projects..

Together we have stacked tower, hung FM’s, Site Demolition & Restoration & Tower Painting..
He’s always a pleasure to work with..
-Until Next Time Bryan..
-Robbie Hulett,  Tower Maintenance Corporation
Valdosta, Georgia


Over the past two years, Bryan and I have been working together on multiple digital media projects. I have found our interactions to be professional and timely. Bryan has an incredible vision and seems to know exactly where markets are headed. He responds swiftly to any changes, making him an asset to any team. It has been a pleasure working with him and I look forward to continuing to do so.

- Z. Garner, ZaxGar Designs
Pinehurst, North Carolina

Greetings my radio pals! Joshua Holstead a/k/a "Rowdy Yates" taking a minute to introduce you to my pal Bryan Fowler. Bryan and I have worked on a few projects over the years, and I was delighted to see him entering the radio broker space. I have no doubt that his experience, attention to detail, love of the industry and easily understandable way of communicating will be strengths for him and of great value to you should you be buying or selling your broadcast properties.

-Rowdy Yates, Suite Radio Networks
Houston, Texas

I've enjoyed working with Bryan over several years. He has a strong knowledge of radio programming, ownership and operations. His attention to detail and follow-up is appreciated. Bryan is a true broadcast professional, and a pleasure to work with.

-Laura Martinez, Westwood One Radio Networks
Washington, DC


 I met Bryan Fowler through the jingle business.

We have worked together for years, and find that he knows a great deal about Station Imaging, and I appreciate his knowledge regarding the integrity and importance of jingles in a station format.

-John W. Hooper, RadioScape Music
Texas Radio Hall of Fame Inductee
Dallas, Texas

Bryan is a modern day poet when it comes to station imaging. Clear, consice and, most importantly, powerful. His branding and connection with the target audience is on-point!"

-Maverick, The Mix Group
Miami, Florida

Working in the radio radio business, you'd think communicating effectively and efficiently would be second nature to all of us. Alas, that is not always the case. However, I have to say, Bryan Fowler is a person who knows radio, lives radio, and understands radio. I've been working with Bryan for a number of years and have found him to be quite knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and quick to solve any problem that comes up. He's a radio professional through and through

-Doug Johnson, Weatherology
Minneapolis, Minnesota


In addition to Brokerage Services,  Fowler Media offers other solutions that support the Brokerage efforts of Radio Stations and helping improve the bottom line of their perspective Owners and Operators.

We also offer the following services:

Network Brokering
-Satellite Audio Service
-Syndicated Services

Radio Station Valuation

Broadcast Consulting
-Sales Consulting and Management
-Program Consulting and Coaching

Financial Consulting and Restructuring

Start Up Plans

CBR-Christian Business Radio

Less Transactions/Better Service

When we began our Brokerage Firm, we decided we would rather have less closings each year and provide a greater deal of emphasis on creating quality deals that both accomplish the goals of Radio Station Sellers but also put Buyers in the position of achieving success.   By doing this,  we have been able to increase the transaction prices by 25-35%  How is this a good thing for the Buyer?  We lay out the foundation to help the Buyer achieve success.  Instead of spending 48-60 months trying to "find their way",  we help them get on their feet in 12-24 months.

CBR-Christian Business Radio

When Is The Best Time To Buy?

While many Brokerage Firms would disagree,  unlike  The Housing Market,  it's always a great time to buy or sell a radio property.  Why?  The Sales Process of an AM or FM Radio Station does not follow typical market trends.  Of course,  obtaining financing, etc may be easier in a robust economy,  but some of the most successful transactions of all time have taken place in a down economy.

Station Manager/General Sales Manager Have you been looking for an opportunity to grow your skills, sharpen your resume and build a name for yourself in the Radio Industry all while increasing your personal income? If so, Base Communications of Blacksburg, Virginia has what could be the opportunity of your career for the right individual. We're presently seeking applicants for the Position of Station Manager/General Sales Manager for 2 of our Blacksburg and New River Valley Brands. As the Station Manager/General Sales Manager, you'll be responsible for building and maintaining a successful commercial sales program including the development of new rate structures, development and carrying your own book of business that should accommodate no less than 70% of the Stations Annual Budgets, writing and producing commercials, representing the stations at Community Events, planning and executing an air shift and whatever is necessary to take your brands to the next level. Building a team will come in phase 2 and you will be the pivot of our plan. Your brands will feature an established Classic Hits Format and ESPN Sports Format. If you are a self-starter, motivated, enjoy and take pride in building radio stations and making them a part of the Community, this could be the opportunity of your career. Come work in Blacksburg, Virginia and enjoy the beauty of the Blueridge Mountains, take in the scenery of the New River Valley and make a name for yourself in one of the hottest sports beds in America and home to Virginia Tech. For immediate consideration, please email your resume and aircheck to _______________ Base Communications is a Virginia Company and is an equal opportunity employer

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Station Manager/General Sales Manager Have you been looking for an opportunity to grow your skills, sharpen your resume and build a name for yourself in the Radio Industry all while increasing your personal income? If so, Base Communications of Blacksburg, Virginia has what could be the opportunity of your career for the right individual. We’re…

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November 17, 2023

  From Columbus south to the Ohio River the radio landscape is changing dramatically,  in part to several recent transactions from a radio group in the small town of Jackson. Jackson is about 70 miles southeast of Columbus and serves as the halfway point to the Ohio River and is the crossroads of US35 and…

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