Whether you're looking to potentially divest your Radio Station, planning for retirement, estate planning or looking to restructure debt, knowing the value of your Radio Station is vital in helping your Organization know what options you have available to you and being able to make sound and intelligent decisions.

Valuating a Radio Station could equate to having an appraisal on your residence or looking up the Kelly Blue Book on your car.

For decades a simple 2.5 times a Radio Stations Annual Revenue was the standard for helping determine the value of Radio Station.

Today, while that method can certainly be a part of the conversation, valuing Radio Stations is much more complexed and should involve the integrity of a seasoned Broadcaster who is skilled at finding intricate parts of your Business that contribute real value to your Radio Station while leaving off those things that no longer have value in the marketplace.

Bryan Fowler is a Station Owner, Consultant and Broker and is one of the few Professionals in our Industry that also possesses a strong background in Banking.

Knowing the conditions of today's market and the fundamentals of lending and financing are key in valuing a Radio Station and having the heart of a Compliance Officer is also important during this process.

Information is important but being able to verify information is necessitous.

Station Valuation Services are based on the individual needs of the Station Owner or potential buyer.

Our services are available to both Sellers and Buyers on non-Fowler Media Brokered Deals.

Please note, we are not a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser and are not qualified to value your real property but can provide you with a written synopsis to accompany your Station Valuation.

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Fowler Media is a full-service Media Company located near Nashville, Tennessee in Woodlawn offering Station Brokerage Services,  Consulting Services and Station Ownership.