Fowler Media is committed to helping ensure your transaction runs as quickly and smoothly as possible.   This happens by having a strong understanding of the process,  the flow of information and the responsibilities of the Seller and Buyer and the ability to "keep the deal moving".   We have prepared a Process Timeline for your review so you can see how things progress in a typical transaction.   Each transaction is different,  however,  this is something you should be prepared to expect. 

Partnership Consultation

In this meeting,  Fowler Media would prefer to meet face to face with the Principal of your Company.   This is the setting where we will learn about your goals,  what you are trying to accomplish and learn about your Business.  This is also a vital time to get acquainted personally. 


During this time,  Fowler Media will gather information from you,  conduct a Market Analysis including comparable (comps) in your Market and make recommendation on the Value of your Radio Station or Stations. 

Build a Form Offering

Fowler Media will spend time building a formal offering for your facilities.   This will include all print and digital presentations that will be submitted to potential Buyers along with all documentation prerequisities being made by the Seller.   

Market the Station

At Fowler Media,  we are very committed to Information Integrity and not "broadcasting" all the details of your Business to just anyone.   We take time to build a detailed and custom Call List of whom we feel like the offering (s) match.   Not everyone is a candidate and prospect to buy your property,  so we will not make the information available to everyone.    Once we pull together our call list,  we will then begin working that list to see what interest can be generated.   During this period,  Fowler Media will communicate with you regularly to give you feedback that is being given by potential buyers.  

Making Deals and Negotiating

Given the assumption that our Marketing of your station generates success,  no doubt there will be offers on your facility.   During this time,  Fowler Media will review ALL offers but not necessarily submit all offers to the Seller.   During the planning stages,  Fowler Media will develop what we call a threshold for offers and any offer submitted to the Seller must meet this minimum threshold.   If an offer does not meet this threshold,  the offer will be answered as "received" but not accepted or countered.   Acceptable offers that meet the outlined criteria will be submitted to the Seller with a recommendation for specific move forward from Fowler Media.   Example:   This is a solid offer,   Fowler Media recommends that you count offer with $xxx dollar amount and the following conditions.   At that point the offer is countered and submitted back to the potential buyer.   Once the negotiation process has been completed,  the parties will then decide which party is responsible for drafting necessary documents and filing of such. 

Due Dilligence

A Buyer will be given a period of time to inspect,  verify and confirm that the offering matches what they have been told and are expecting.   This period of time is considered Due Diligence.  Due Diligence is defined as reasonable steps taken by a person in order to satisfy a legal requirement, especially in buying or selling something.   A time frame is set on this process and certain guidelines will govern Due Diligence.

FCC Filings, Etc.

While it is a much more detailed process,  in this part of the timeline,  FCC filings will take place,  Asset Purchase Agreements will be filled out, etc.   There are many documents that will float from the Seller to Buyer during this time.   All of the required documentation must be acquired and signed by both parties prior to filing for the Assignment Application to have the Radio Station assigned to your Company.  Again, this is an overarching timeline provided to give you an idea of how things flow. 


There are two phases of approval with the FCC,   The Initial Grant and the Final Grant.   A determination by both the Seller and Buyer by recommendation of their FCC Counsel will determine when the stations should close.    Once that benchmark has been reached a physical closing will take place.  Most closings no longer happen face to face but rather digitally. 

New Owner Takes Possession

Once the deal has been closed per all requirements and guidelines,  the station is conveyed to the new Owner. 

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