Fowler Media is successful because of Relationships.

It is the policy of Fowler Media to work with other outside Media Brokers.   If you are a Broker and have a Client or Perspective Client interested in one of our Properties,  we want you to feel comfortable in reaching out to us and know that our exclusive goal is meeting the needs of our Client.  If that means two Brokers working together to make this happen,  we will always extend an olive branch to work with you.

Additionally,  we ask for that same reciprocal respect.   Perhaps we have a Client that is interested in something you are working on,  we hope that you will allow us to help you achieve the goals of your Client.

Lastly,  in the sales climate of today,  we at Fowler Media are consistently looking at ideas to make scenarios more attractive by building clusters,  groups and divesting to networks.   If you have ideas that you would like to discuss,  please consider this a formal invitation to collaborate with Fowler Media.   We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Fowler Media is a full-service Media Company located near Nashville, Tennessee in Woodlawn offering Station Brokerage Services,  Consulting Services and Station Ownership.