Some people just have the ability to get things done.


Bryan Fowler has been working with Broadcasters since the late 1990's and has developed a working relationship with leading Executives in our Industry that like working with Bryan because of his ability to bring both parties (Seller and Buyer) to a common goal that allows both parties to walk away from a Closing very satisfied.

It's about keeping all options open, keeping the process simple and streamlined, knowing what the product is you're selling and paying close attention to what the Seller and Buyer are both saying.


We know the Players in the Radio Industry for 2023 and beyond. This field looks infinitely different than it did even 5 years ago and completely different from 20 years ago. Being able to move past 1997 is a crucial piece of locating the right buyers for a property.

We pay close attention to all deals that are being closed in our Industry, but while our Peers are spending a lot of time on those deals, we spend time at looking to see why deals are NOT closing. We look at Closed Deals as a destination. For some reason, the existing Broker or Owner has not located a map to success. We look to pave the way toward that destination and what is necessary to make that happen.


Just simply paying attention to the surroundings of your Radio Station allows Fowler Media to complete deals that no one else can get done. Finding the perfect buyer for a specific radio station is imperative to making a great deal and allowing both parties to be happy and those Buyers could be in your back yard.

We also carefully strategize for the Seller by "stripping out" anything from your Organization that has no value to potential Buyers. Some things just simply have no value to anyone but yourself. We're Radio People and love and appreciate that and will help you celebrate your accomplishments but also remove that emotion from the sales process.


Market Integrity.
We're Broadcasters. We see what is happening in our Industry and in our Markets. Our goal is to leave a Market better than it was when we started working it.

By assessing the Market and looking at the big picture, what is accomplished through the divesting of a Radio Station can work to change the mechanics of a market in a monumental way and do not forget that anything done to improve the Market improves the value of the station for both the Seller and Buyer.


We represent many Sellers that are "phasing out" of the Business.

We take time to get to know them, hear their stories, celebrate their accomplishments and find out what the Radio Station is really about.

We also take time to find out what the Seller is trying to accomplish. Finding the answers to just a few very simple questions can be an integral part of laying out the framework of divesting a Radio Station.

In many cases, this Radio Station is their life. We help them celebrate this and then we go to work in making certain they are paid for their decades of hard work and that hard work is transitioned to the next Owner.


Information Integrity.
We protect your information as if it was our own. Our stewardship of your information is second to none in our Industry.


We regularly communicate with all Sellers and Buyers to keep them informed of any activity on their project. You have the ability to text or email us at any time and we will respond to you in a timely manner to let you know what is happening in our process.

Thorough communication is one of the primary reasons Clients choose Fowler Media.

Ready to hear what we can do for you? Please reach out to us today with any questions!

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Fowler Media is a full-service Media Company located near Nashville, Tennessee in Woodlawn offering Station Brokerage Services,  Consulting Services and Station Ownership.